Clayton & Cosier: Trusted house painters

At Clayton & Cosier, we’ve spent decades refining our skills as exterior and interior house painters—and we can meet the unique challenges of your property with sophistication and style to complement your personality.

Whether you’re building, selling, or renovating, house painting is the key to achieving the final result you will love. In the skilled hands of home painting professionals, both your exteriors and interiors can be transformed into sophisticated living spaces, adding to the value of your home and bringing beauty to your daily living.


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The Clayton & Cosier difference

House painting presents a unique set of challenges—and they can only be overcome with trust, cooperation, and respect for the customer’s privacy and schedule. Clayton & Cosier have a long history of delivering impeccable finishes even despite the most complex structural challenges. We offer our expertise in painting—everything from corporate to heritage-listed buildings—to Brisbane’s homeowners.

We are committed to customer service: we know how a big house painting job can interrupt your life, which is why our skilled exterior and interior house painters will always work around your schedule to accommodate your job with minimal disturbance to your lifestyle.

We plan our work around you

Kenmore painters - Brisbane painting specialistBefore starting the work, we will sit down with you and work out the best way to organise the process without leaving you unable to comfortably use your home:

  • We’ll never start work on both your bathrooms at the same time, or, if there is only one, work on it when you are not at home
  • We will work around your morning routine to complete the kitchen when you are not using it
  • We won’t paint all of the bedrooms at the same time so you can feel comfortable in your home

We will pack up all of our equipment every day and leave the house as we found it to make sure that you are comfortable in your home throughout the painting process.

We pride ourselves in delivering results that last – we’ll even follow up with you up to 24 months after your job is complete to make sure you’re still happy.

Colour consultations

At Clayton & Cosier, we love the Dulux range. If you’re unsure how to make the right colour choices, our skilled professionals can draw on their knowledge of Dulux’s products, and meet you with a selection of free colour samples to help you decide on the best solution. We don’t just provide swatches – we will actually put the colours on your wall so you can see what it will look like at different times of the day. And if you need even more advice, we can also arrange a meeting for you with Dulux colour consultant.


Our commitment to sustainability is supported by the Dulux EnviroSolutions™, a scientifically formulated range of eco paint products designed to deliver the best results while being certified as sustainable and environmentally responsible painting solutions.


Have a house painting project in mind? Let’s talk about how our professional painters can restore your home’s beauty - with minimal disturbance to your lifestyle.

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Clayton & Cosier painters painted my house and did a wonderful job.
It was a complete pleasure to have the painters around as I found them all to be friendly, polite and very helpful

I could not believe how clean their painters are and how carefully they took care of my things. I found Anthony and his team very helpful moving furniture and making sure that there was minimum disruption to our daily routine.

We wanted to thank you for the tremendous paint job that you’ve done for us. We are really thrilled with the work. The team was wonderful, patient, polite and wholly professional.

I’m loving the colours on the walls and the job has been done very well. We are extremely pleased. Thank you for all your help.

Over the last two days that I was here while Gary finished our home, I was so heartened by his approach to his work. He was thorough and precise and took pride in what he was doing here as well as being incredibly patient and kind – a very rare combination.

The team always work in an unobtrusive way, and clean-up thoroughly each day leaving their work areas tidy. Anthony is regularly on hand to keep track of the job and provide helpful advice with regard to colour choices as the work progresses.

We were very happy with the repainting of our unit block by Clayton & Cosier Painters. Specifically, they were respectful and accommodating of unit residents, which included both written and verbal contact.

All painting was completed to specifications and the finished product is testament to the high quality of workmanship.