Looking around their home, imagining the renovation they are planning, many people think to themselves, “I could do this, myself.” A trip down to Bunnings, buy a couple of brushes and comparing the colour swatches against the wall. A DIY painting job sounds easy, right?

When it is put that way, it sure does sound simple.

But there’s a lot more to painting the interior or exterior of your home than putting on some old clothes and purchasing three new brushes.

At Clayton and Cosier, we are professional painters, so it seems obvious that we would be recommending to have the experts in than giving it a go. However, rather than just telling you to opt for the professionals, we are going to prove it to you.

What are the pros for?

Whether you are building, selling, or renovating, having an excellent house painting job is perfect to complement the renovation of your dreams, refresh the walls, or increase the market value. With all these being potential benefits, why not do it right the first time?

All of the individuals employed in our company are equipped with ample experience and qualifications to ensure exteriors and interiors are transformed as our clients envisioned.

Hiring an expert means that we can refine our skills and techniques to meet the diverse needs of a property. Our accreditation with Dulux means that we are committed to consistently upskilling, training and networking to guarantee we are updated with the most recent products and techniques.

Not only that but painting companies come prepared with the necessary tools and supplies to ensure the walls left with the desired finish.

Having the appropriate equipment means that the work can be done effectively and efficiently. Tools that are used by professionals guarantee quality results, and time isn’t wasted on sub-standard materials.

kenmore chapel hill painting - Clayton & Cosier painters

Convenience. Convenience. Convenience.

One of the key differences in the service that we provide clients is our assurance of working around them.

We completely understand that a big house painting job is an interruption to someone’s life. From the moving of furniture, the smell of paint, or mess that can be spread around, our skilled painters always ask for our client’s schedule. When that is received, we can accommodate with their job, family, and other happenings in their life to promise the disturbance to your lifestyle is minimal.

Once we have locked in working together, one of the first steps is for us sit down and work out the best way to organise the process to the property can still be comfortably used. For instance, all bathrooms won’t be painted at the same time, making sure one is always accessible. The same goes for bedrooms. The kitchen won’t be painted in the morning so all routines can go forward as normal.

When the job is ended for the day, all our equipment is packed, and the house is left just as we found it.

While someone painting by themselves should do it with what is convenient for them, it becomes incredibly time-consuming doing the daily set-up and clean-up.

Save yourself the time.

A very common story we hear is people who have started painting themselves and ever so slowly, the interest wears.

Life starts to get in the way, the idea of spending weekend after weekend doing it becomes boring, and the spot in the corner still can’t be reached.

We have all heard the saying, “Time is money”, and it rings very true in these circumstances. An extraordinary amount of time can be wasted on buying the paint and tools, moving things around the house, and painting and repainting rooms.

Looking at all this hassle, it is both logical and makes economic sense to employ a professional painter to do it for you.

Being Dulux Accredited Painters, clients have the opportunity to sit down with our skilled professionals to pick their minds all their design knowledgeprofessional painter - Clayton & Cosier painters

Clients are provided with a selection of free colour samples, and they aren’t just swatches to place against the wall. Instead, we can provide small pots to paint, which means you have a few days to think about it and look at it during different times of the day.

Right from the time someone can save, to eliminating the mess, inconvenience, having the expert tools, and knowledge – hiring a professional painter is critical to having a perfect finish.

If you’re still not convinced or have more questions about the comprehensives services that we provide, then please do not hesitate to get in touch! We’d love to chat.

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