While everyone else may be making their New Year’s resolutions, at Clayton and Cosier we are on the lookout for the colour and paint trends of 2017.

Often, clients are seeking the cutting edge colour to refresh and revolutionise their space. Thanks to a handful of paint suppliers and stylish interior designers, we have some reliable predictions on the colours of 2017.

Not every trend will tickle your fancy – depending on room and space, personality, and feel you are seeking – but you’re sure to find something.


The “must-have” colour.

As always, Dulux has announced the colour everyone should be using in their homes this year.

Named Denim Drift, it is considered versatile and reflective of our new perspectives of 2017. Chosen and explained by Dulux’s Creative Director, Heleen van Gent, she says that blue is very much the colour not just of the moment – but all around us.

“To make it relevant for your home, the team chose a blue that works as well in a kitchen as it does in a bedroom. Denim Drift, is the must-have colour for 2017. It will look great on your wall!” she says.

Denim Drift - Colour Trend of 2017 Painting

Discover the Colour of the Year 2017, Denim Drift


The fascinating feature of Denim Drift is how it slightly changes in the shade when paired with different interior colours. Against lighter shades, such as whites and creams, it appears more airy and fresh, compared to dark woods it is more dramatic and moody.

Van Gent says the colour isn’t intended to be a statement – such as a popping yellow or bold red – rather a compliment to your interior styling.

dulux colour trends 2017 painter brisbaneGetting away from the fast pace.

Dulux and other interior designers have picked up on our urgency to create escapism spaces in a world that never seems to stop. In one of their four designs, Dulux released “Sentience” as a break from the “ever-present glow of screens”.

“Rapid tapping and swift swipes across digital devices have replaced the tactile moments we once took for granted,” Dulux wrote.

Trying to get back to our natural world, Sentience embraces earthy materials like clay, minerals, stone and wood. Greys, beiges, lilacs and other calming colours are the most common aesthetic. To make sure the room doesn’t come across as completely dull, individuals can add a pop of green in the form of an indoor pot plant.

Victoria Redshaw from Scarlet Opus backs up Dulux’s first prediction.

“These colours relate to a need for our homes to act as a calm sanctuary— a place to escape the fast pace and demands of modern life. It is a palette that focuses on improved wellbeing, creating a sense of soothing relaxation,” she told Homes.




Bold and unafraid.

Redshaw also said the Rio Olympics ignited themes of rainforest and carnival during 2017. It is expected this trend will continue to evolve into block colours, with a mixture of modern and retro feels.

Chroma, the palette suggested by Dulux, achieves this balanced picture. While black and white are the foundations of Chroma, mostly in the interior pieces, it is matched against vibrant and eye-catching walls. Teals, strong oranges, and golden yellows will be found splashed here and there.



Woven in colour.

Inspired by the rich and woven colours of South America and the Middle East, Dulux also has released the Entwine palette.

dulux colour trends 2017 painter brisbane“From diversity to equality, as humans we need to embrace a global view that extends beyond our backyard,” they write.

“Entwining modernity with tradition, the palette combines an eclectic range of colours with richness and warmth as well as unexpected accents. Bold traditional colours such as red, burgundy, brown and orange are thrown together with the zest of bright yellow and blue.”

Many people choose patterned rugs and artwork to fill the space, with combinations of rugs and pillows to set the space off.

As Dulux-accredited painters, we have access to all these colours and palettes to bring your rooms and walls to life in 2017.

Whether it’s setting the trend with Denim Drift or choosing the earthy and rocky colours of Sentience, we are ready to embrace your 2017 painting resolutions.

If you haven’t been able to box yourself into one of these painting trends, then we are still ready to help you out.

Get in touch with Clayton and Cosier Painters today to find out how we can bring your space back to life!


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