Living room (n): A room in a house for general and informal everyday use. A space for relaxation, a space for friends and family, a space for creativity, a space to unwind.

Coming up with a living room paint colour can be a big decision. You want something that encapsulates your lifestyle and makes that space feel like a home.


The beauty of colour is its ability to shape our emotions. It’s no secret, marketers have been using colour psychology for years when designing logos and planning advertisements. Red induces hunger, hence McDonald’s and Hungry Jacks. Green makes us feel fresh and clean, hence Subway.

When we harness the power of colour in our homes we can create feelings and moods that reflect and complement our personalities. Colour is also about style and fashion trends, fulfilling the desire to create simply beautiful aesthetics

This year’s colour trends are full of earthy tones, and hues that seek to make your stresses slip away. Many of the colour schemes are designed to bring your home into the realm of relaxation. Some are soft and subtle, others are bold and striking, all are crisp, clean and homely.

The Dulux paint range goes beyond just delicious colours to help induce moods. The Design Collection “create a design statement” by adding an element of texture to already beautiful hues.



The Dulux Design Metallic range is more than just silver and gold. The true metal pigment paints are available in nearly 40 colours!

Warm metallic colour accents will lift and complement subtle atmospheric blues and greys to create a lush feeling of depth and relaxation. Dulux designers combine these earthy raw hues to create a feeling of understated luxury in the 2017 Constructs colour scheme.

Deep blues are anchoring colours, they give the feeling of being grounded and centred. A living room that features deep inky blues, complemented with metallic copper will bring a raw elemental feeling that is minimal, relaxed and calming.

With the Metallic design paints, you can experiment with application techniques. To replicate brushed metal finishes or create the simply luxurious sheen of uncoated metal.



Soft, velvety, cosy and warm. Create a living room that oozes comfort. A room where relaxation is inevitable, a room that feels like a warm hug on a rainy day.

Clayton & Coiser can create a soothing and restorative environment for your living room.

Emanating the 2017 Scientist trend, the expert Brisbane based team will combine warm fleshy tones with lush botanical hues, complimented by the Dulux Suede range.

Hints of grey, mellow hues, and new beiges, the subtle pastels will create a space that resonates soft, relaxing vibes.

Consider complementing these soft earthy hues with lush deep green indoor plants, or interior decorations such as a deep green suede ottoman. These deep greens are what designers refer to as ‘oxygenating’ colours. The have the effect of deep breaths of cool fresh air.

Paired with the soft texture of Suede paint your living room will feel luxurious and comforting.




The strong, raw, industrial minimalism of exposed brick or polished concrete can be both bold, yet calming. While few of us are lucky enough to live in a home with such raw materials for floors or walls, we can all create the effect with the Dulux Stone design effects paint.

The raw earth elemental feeling that the Stone design paints bring to a room work perfectly in complement with soft hues and subtle pastels.

In contrast striking earthy reds and purples can create bold statements whilst still evoking a feeling of calm warmth.

The use of Stone effect paint with rich colours can give a sturdy feeling of perfectly that harmonising modern and classic design. The warmth of colour and boldness of the Stone evokes a sense cosy luxury.



A perfect addition to the 2017 Scientist colour scheme, the Pearl range is a semi-translucent paint with light-reflecting properties to make the finish appear to shimmer.

Use as a small trimming detail to hints of sparkle to a soft room. Warm beige and pinky hues enhanced with the Pearl effects paint can exude a feeling of airy lightness. Lifting the stresses of the outside world away as you settle into your home.

Let Brisbane’s favourite painters bring your home into 2017. From Kenmore to Toowong Clayton & Cosier are creating rooms which ooze style and personality. Get in touch today to discuss your painting needs.