Countless studies have been done to understand the impact of colour on the human psyche. Marketers having been using the psychology of colours to influence buyers for years. Now it’s time to take this information and put it to use in your commercial space when it’s time to do a paining job.

Gone are the days of drab commercial buildings, business of all sorts are adding personality to their buildings, inside and out. Imparting their company ethos through a commercial paint makeover.

Colours are known to excite, stimulate, increase appetite, calm and even depress. It’s true that personalities will interpret some colours slightly differently, however, overall, globally, everybody is influenced by colour.

If you are thinking of a revamp for your commercial space, make sure you are choosing colours that will enhance your ethos, complement your lighting and have an overall positive effect on your customers.

Beyond the influence colour has on your customers, colour can affect your employee’s productivity. The psychology of colour subliminal and instinctive.



Trust, responsibility, honesty.

Blue is unthreatening, but it is also conservative and professional. Making it an all round great choice for commercial exteriors, lobby’s and meeting rooms.

Blue is a calming colour, it is sincere and reserved, whilst imparting a sense of strength and trust. Above all else, blue is the colour of tranquility, think the meditative sounds of rolling waves, or vast blue skies. Blue helps to calm the mind and the body. For colourists world wide, blue is the productivity colour of choice.

The beauty of blue is its tone adaptability. From soft pastels, through to strong royal hues, blue can complement your office ethos whilst imparting its intrinsic calming impact.

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Growth, balance, harmony.

The feelings of freshness and vigour are inherent to the colour green. It is consistently used by food advertisers to influence consumer perception of the product. You only have to look as far as Subway and Woolworths to see the practical applications.

For commercial buildings and office’s green is known to enhance creativity and innovation. Green promotes harmony and is soft on the eyes.

For your customers, green emanates a sense of reliability and innovation. Produce an air and exudes expertise with the right shade of green. For offices, a conference room or lobby with the right shade of green may be just what you need to help pitch that progressive idea.

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Cheerful, challenging, creative.

Yellow is the colour for creative spaces, it is uplifting and energising. Yellow imparts fortitude and confidence in ability. Yellow is the colour of mental determination, often the colour that promotes brain activity in analysis and critical thinking. Making it the colour of choice for business that encourage creativity, furniture stores through the apparel shops.

Any office where the challenge of creativity is inherent will benefit from a hint of yellow.

For your customers, yellow imparts a sense of joy and playfulness. It is after all the colour which is most likely to feel like summer.

You don’t have to plaster a wall in solid block sun yellow, soft pastels and misty tones should be used as accents. Too much harsh yellow is overwhelming and can negatively affect anxiety.

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Stimulation, passion, action.

Red truly does go faster. Red increases appetite, hence Hungry Jacks, McDonalds, KFC and Red Rooster, to name a few. Red gets people going, it fuels a surge of energy, getting those cogs turning.

Red is stimulating to the emotions and the physical, exciting people to take action. It is a great colour for commercial spaces where employees work at night.

Red gives of an air of strength and confidence making it a great colour for a shop front, entrance or lobby. Want to fuel quick decision making? Then adding a pop of red is just what you need.

Red, yellow, green and blue are just the primary colours. Their combinations and variations are limitless, let alone the tonal hues. Commercial painters have access to an array of paint effects available too. Working with the expert team at Clayton & Cosier you can find the perfect paint colour scheme to enhance the experience of your customers and employees in your commercial building.

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